Patent Pending SSV Software Coming Soon

Revolutionary software that can help spread word of your emergency

Hands Free Activation
Real Time GPS Tracking
Recorded Events of situation
Cloud Back-up of Recorded Events
Available Options for alarms
Foreground or Background operation
Easy User Interface

Covert Alert App Preview

About Covert Alert

Covert Alertâ„¢ was designed and developed by Lucrative Innovations, Inc. in 2015. Our management team, developers and support staff were determined to create the highest quality emergency personal safety app on the market. Covert Alert will constantly be upgraded for our user with additional features and security options.
Our hands free activation in the foreground mode, background mode, and locked screen mode allows our users to covertly notify contacts of their emergency situation. Our app is designed to add valuable seconds – which in some cases could mean the difference between life and death. If you have questions about the app, please contact us or view or FAQ for more information.