1. What is Covert Alert?

Covert Alert is a simple yet powerful emergency app that notifies selected contacts when the user is in danger. It also has other valuable features such as recording, GPS tracking, alarms, and background interface.

2. How does it work?

Covert Alert should be set up by the user with unique alert settings for every chosen scenario. In case an emergency happens, the full name of the user will be sent to the designated contacts including the necessary information needed to inform the contacts of the user’s situation using the custom messages set up by the user. Your contacts will be the one to notify authorities or 911 as needed.

3. How do I add emergency contacts?

The app allows the user to add up to five emergency contacts through the ADD EMERGENCY CONTACTS bar. You should add trusted individuals to this feature.

4. How are my contacts notified of my emergency situation?

Your contacts will be notified via text message using the default emergency message or a custom message you have set up for the specific emergency situation. Although the phone number your contacts received is not your number, your name appears in the beginning of the message to alert your contact.

5. What types of emergency situation is the Covert Alert best for?

Covert Alert can be effectively used for any type emergency situation that needs to be relayed to a trusted person. This app can also be used to discretely record situations such as harassments, false accusations, abuse, domestic violence, and personal attacks.

6. How do I activate my app?

The app can easily be activated hands-free. It is basically voice activated with the use of specific keywords that you will assign upon initial set up.

8. Does the Covert Alert App demand a lot of energy from my phone battery?

Just like any app, Covert Alert consumes phone energy and will definitely decrease the battery charge of your phone. It is recommended that the app should be switched off in the absence of potential emergency situations.

9. What is the Guard Me button?

The GUARD ME button is a feature that you can activate when you feel you are about to enter a dangerous situation. This will release your secret message with the use of keywords that you selected for specific alert functions.

10. How do I activate the recording feature?

The recording feature can be activated using the keywords you have assigned. You can access this through the GUARD ME screen and only starts to record when Covert Alert is active for an emergency situation only.

11. On which operating system can Covert Alert be installed?

For now, Covert Alert is only available on the IOS operating system.

12. What types of information do my contacts receive?

Once Covert Alert is activated when an emergency situation arises, your chosen contacts will receive a notification that includes your set message or default message, your name, and your location.

13. Where will my recordings be stored?

Your recordings are stored in Covert Alert’s exclusive cloud back up service. You can retrieve your recordings anytime by logging in to your account with your user name and password on the home page of our website.

14. What do I get with Covert Alert purchase?

Upon purchase of the app, you initially get free 15 minutes of recording time and 50 free text messages.

15. Are there any situations where I may not hear the response that my keywords have been accepted and the alerts have been set?

Besides obvious situations involving external noise or volume issues on your device, many times if your device is plugged into a car charger or a portable charger, text tones, email tones, and the response are not heard. If you use these devices, please test Covert Alert and the response so you are aware of how your device functions.

16. Why are the uses of my location services and my microphone necessary for Covert Alert to use?
In the event of an Emergency situation, Covert Alert sends your message to your contacts and provides a link that will track your location with real time GPS tracking. It is important the location services are on so tracking is accurate. Since this is a speech activated application, it is absolutely necessary for Covert Alert to access the microphone. NOTE: If you are or have been involved in Domestic Violence, ALWAYS check these two features in case your partner may have disabled them.
17. After I have setup all contacts and keywords on Covert Alert, what should I do next?

Immediately test your keywords whether you use three words, or three numbers. Make sure Covert Alert recognizes the keywords you have set consistently. Dialects change in each part of the U.S. and it is very important you spell your keywords as you pronounce your keywords. An example is WASH vs. WARSH. When you test your keywords, please use the covert messaging features as opposed to the emergency feature. This will save your valuable recording minutes for an actual emergency.

18. Why does Covert Alert only record the first 15 minutes of my emergency situation?

Studies have shown in an emergency or violent situation, the actions of the perpetrator usually takes place within the first 10 minutes of less. Covert Alert records the event to your device and to a cloud backup assuming phone services are active, and so that your device is not burdened with long recordings that take memory, the application records only 15 minutes or the amount of recording minutes the user has remaining, whichever is less. NOTE: Always make sure you have plenty of recording minutes, plenty of text messages, and service coverage before activating Covert Alert.

19. Is it possible for Covert Alert to send an alert if I did not state my keywords?

Although unlikely, it is possible, and once the Guard Me button is activated, Covert Alert listens to every words spoken. Loud background noise; loud music at a party or bar; and loud conversations by others in social settings, are all processed by Covert Alert. The user should be cognizant of the app running and should monitor its use.

20. May I leave Covert Alert on for long periods of time in the “Guard Me” mode like overnight while I am sleeping, or all evening for a babysitter watching my children?

Yes, however, Covert Alert is a powerful application and will drain the battery life on your phone while listening to every word spoken. We strongly recommend you leave your device plugged into to its charger during long periods of listening which will retain the battery life and insure Covert Alert continues to protect you.

21. I have other questions. How can I reach you?

For other inquiries feel free to contact us by filling out the form on our Contact page and we will reply through email.

22. What if Covert Alert is not picking up my keywords?

You may not be pronouncing the keywords as the app thinks. Try testing several keywords or number combinations until you have the ones that work for you. Remember, spell your keywords like you say your keywords. Dialect may play a role, too. Also, some iPhone or iPad covers interfere with the microphone. Remove your cover and test Covert Alert. The cover may be the issue.