Connected and Protected Agents

Touring a home with a stranger makes you vulnerable. Covert Alert keeps you safe.

A connected agent is a protected agent.

Real estate agents are among the most prevalent groups for targeted crimes of opportunity. Covert Alert keeps you safe when entering a property you aren't familiar with, alone or with an individual or individuals you've only just met.

Real Estate safety - by the numbers:
deaths per year in the real estate, rental and leasing industry.
of real estate agents have been in a situation where they feared for their safety.
of real estate agents carry an item for self defense, such as pepper spray or a weapon.
of real estate agents either do not know if their brokerage has standard safety procedures, or know it doesn't.
"Holding a button down during a real emergency is not very practical. Everything with this app is hands-free. It is a great added layer of protection for me."
John N.G.
"Very reliable, very fast, and very efficient. The voice recognition is spot on."
"Sweet! Finally a hands-free way to notify others. Safety, GPS location, quick text for daily situations that can all be used hands-free!"

Welcome without worry.

With Covert Alert, you're always just a keyphrase away from help being on its way. Turn on 'Protect Me' mode before your client arrives, and - if you feel like you are in danger - say your key phrase and your emergency contacts will be alerted to your exact location. No need to send secret codewords or signals to your contacts - Covert Alert alerts your contacts secretly.

Be located.

Sometimes you have a lot of showings in one day, and it's not possible to have a second person at all of them. Covert Alert delivers your exact, real-time location to your contacts, so no matter which home you're showing, your contacts and the authorities know exactly where to go.

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