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Frequently Asked Questions

What if the app isn't picking up my keywords?
Different accents and dialects can be interpreted by the speech recognition system differently. It is important to test your keywords to see how you need to spell them, phonetically, for the app to accurately pick them up. We recommend testing using the Covert Messaging feature to save your emergency recording minutes for real emergency situations.

It is important to test the Covert Alert app thoroughly in a variety of situations to see how your phone performs.
What is Covert Alert?
Covert Alert is a simple, yet powerful, voice-activated emergency app that notifies selected contacts when you are in danger. It also has other valuable features such as covert recording and hands-free text messaging.
How does it work?
When you think you may be entering a situation where you could potentially encounter danger, activate Covert Alert's "Protection Mode" by saying "protect me now." From then on, Covert Alert silently listens to trigger words and perform various hands-free actions such as sending an emergency alert, secretly text messaging or covertly recording. These messages are sent to the contacts that you have selected inside the app.
How are my contacts notified of my emergency situation?
Your contacts will receive a text message, letting them know you are in danger and need help. In that text message, they will also receive a link to view your location in real time, allowing them to travel to your location to intervene and/or alert authorities as well.
How do I add emergency contacts?
You can add up to five emergency contacts via the Contacts screen on iOS and the Manage Alerts screen on Android. You should choose contacts who you trust, and who you know would act in the case of an emergency.
Can I use the app for extended periods of time?
Utilizing Covert Alert's "Protection Mode" will decrease your phone's battery life at a higher rate due to its use of the phone's audio hardware to provide you the ability to trigger your emergency alert hands-free. Should you need to be protected for an extended period, such as when babysitting or overnight while you are sleeping, we strongly recommend that you keep it plugged in using a charger.
How do I activate the recording feature?
Covert Alert records your surroundings during emergency situations. The recording function automatically triggers at the same time you say your trigger keywords to activate your emergency alert, and continues until you manually disable "Protection Mode."
For which operating systems is Covert Alert available?
At present, Covert Alert is available for both iOS and Android phones and tablets.
Where are my recordings stored?
Your recordings are saved on Covert Alert's secure cloud. They can be viewed and managed any time by navigating to the Recording screen of your app.
What do I get when I purchase Covert Alert?
When you purchase, you get the fully featured Covert Alert mobile application, plus fifteen (15) free minutes of recording time and fifty (50) free text messages.
How will I know my emergency alert has been triggered?
Covert Alert can be programmed to give you a specific response when you trigger your emergency alert. You can choose either a custom audible response or no response at all.
Why are permissions to use my phone's microphone and location needed?
Covert Alert needs your microphone to listen to your trigger words in an emergency situation. Covert Alert will only listen when you activate "Protection Mode." The app needs access to your location to be able to provide your emergency contacts with your precise GPS location to intervene or alert the proper authorities of the situation.
Why is it better to alert someone who can call 911 directly?
Many high-traffic 3rd party security and safety applications leverage call centers to alert authorities of the emergency situations of their users. Unfortunately, over time, the high prevalence of false alarms and frequent inability to offer the person in danger's exact location has driven 911 to de-prioritize these incoming call center queues in favor of individual callers. Covert Alert gives your contacts the ability to call 911 directly and provide them with your precise location.
Can the app still listen if I have my screen off?
Once logged in, Covert Alert begins listening even when the screen is turned off, but the phone remains on. Covert Alert is designed to work in the foreground, background, and lock screen mode.
Will the app work if my phone is powered off?
Unfortunately, like any app, Covert Alert will cease functioning when the phone is turned off.
Is Covert Alert always tracking my location?
No. Covert Alert only begins tracking your location when an emergency alert has been triggered. Note: Covert Alert will continue to track your location from that point until you log out of the app. Your location is still being tracked after you manually disable "Protection Mode." Should someone else gain access to your phone in the event of an emergency and end Protection Mode, this allows loved ones and authorities to continue to find you.
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