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See what makes Covert Alert the first and best-selling voice-activated personal safety app.

Send an emergency alert hands-free.
The core functionality of the Covert Alert app allows you to send emergency alerts to your contacts with just your voice.

Triggering an emergency alert using the Covert Alert app is fast, simple, and reliable.

Log into the Covert Alert app.
Activate "Protection Mode" by saying Protect Me Now. You can also press the "Protect Me Now" button on the main screen.
While "Protection Mode" is activated, say your keywords to trigger the emergency alert or covert text message of your choice.
Take control of your safety.
Choose your contacts.

Select up to five contacts from your address book to associate with Covert Alert.

Create covert messages.

You can create custom messages for just about any situation. The text you set will be sent to the contact(s) you associated with it.

Give them a trigger phrase.

Create a trigger phrase consisting of three words/numbers or more and associate it with a message. Then, whenever you speak that phrase while "Protection Mode" is activated, it will trigger sending that message.

Access and manage incident recordings.

Emergency situations are recorded, and can be played back, shared, or deleted via the Recordings screen.

Get voice-activated security today.