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Covert Alert supports iPhone, iPad, and Android devices and is updated on a regular basis for the latest versions of each operating system.

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Why Covert Alert?

Covert Alert is the first hands free voice activated safety app on the market today. Covert Alert, once activated, not only sends a message to the user's designated contacts, but provides a link for tracking the user in real time to our live GPS mapping system, all the while recording the emergency event not only on the users local device, but on secure servers for future retrieval. Additionally, the recordings are crystal clear! Seldom does anyone have the use of their hands to activate an alert in an emergency! Now family, friends, and confidants, may be notified by just users stating their keywords.

Send covert text messages without moving a finger

Get help where and when you need

Live Stream to Emergency Contacts.


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“Hey Siri” or “Hey Google”, “Protect Me Now” brings our app to the forefront of security app’s. No other app on the market allows for total hands free operation. We are keeping America Connected & Protected.


Voice activation is the latest technology on the market today. We strive to ensure all of our products have the very latest technology and are hands free to use. You don’t always have the use of your hands.


Our walkthrough menu and videos provide guidance on the ease of setting up Covert Alert. Additional information may be found on the FAQ page.


Covert Alert records up to 15 minutes of actual events in an emergency situation. These minutes are stored in your device and on your own personal cloud for future retrieval. The user portal page contains all information in the event of an emergency.


Your emergency contacts and first responders will see your exact location once you trigger your emergency alert. Miles Per Hour data will also be displayed if a kidnapping situation has occurred and you are in a moving vehicle.


In an emergency situation, it is extremely important that as much information is available to your emergency contacts and first responders as possible. The user portal allows you to add basic information that is proven to be extremely valuable.

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Our users are safe
without compromising their privacy

Covert Alert is not a tracking device, nor is it designed to violate the user's privacy, however, when a user is in an emergency situation and they activate the app, Covert Alert may add needed seconds to assist in that emergency situation.

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Building A Secure Tomorrow

Covert Alert is not just another safety app or security device. We strive in providing the very best technology to empower people for their own self-defense.

You do not always have the use of your hands in an emergency situation. Emergencies come in many forms, Rape, Kidnapping, Assault, Robbery, Carjacking, Sexual Discrimination, Racial Profiling, Bullying, and even situations that at first do not even seem like an emergency. In any situation, once you have sent the emergency alert, Covert Alert begins recording the actual words spoken which may prove extremely valuable. Arm yourself today with the power to control your own situation. No one else will do it for you. Covert Alert provides the upper hand in situations where personal well-being is being infringed upon. Do not become another unreported case or statistic. Empower yourself.

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