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Designed by Covert Alert Personal information about yourself may prove valuable during an emergency. Covert Alert’s User Portal allows you to decide what you want to include.

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How to access the User Portal?

The portal is accessed by the email address and password you use for the Covert Alert app.

This is your own personal storage cloud and any additional information you supply in the portal will only be displayed on the mapping system in the event you send an emergency alert.

This additional information will assist first responders in quickly identifying you. It is very important in an emergency situation to supply as much information as possible about yourself.

How to retrieve your recordings?

With Covert Alert, recordings are stored on your device and in your personal cloud. Once you log into your user portal account, you may retrieve your recordings that will be stored for 30 days. 2 factor authentication is required to access your user portal for your own security. The 6 digit code will be sent to your email account, or via text message to your phone number.

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