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You do not always have the use of your hands in an emergency. Calling 911 or having information sent to call centers in an emergency add valuable minutes in an emergency. In any situation, once you have sent the emergency alert, the Soteria® begins live-streaming audio and video direct to first responders. No middle person, no chance for communications to be misinterpreted, and the exact location of the event in the hands of first responders.

Creative Design

The patented design is sleek, unique, appropriately weighted, and conspicuous. Attractive lighting indicates a constantly listening for preset key phrases. We are that added layer of protection.

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Smart Technology

Voice activation is the latest technology on the market today. We strive to ensure all of our products have the very latest technology and are hands free to use.

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Our user guide & videos provide guidance on the ease of setting up the Soteria. Step by step instructions are provided at or on our mobile applications for iOS & Android.

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Hi-tech recording

Covert Alert records the actual events in an emergency situation. These minutes are stored on your own personal cloud for future retrieval. contains all information needed in the event of an emergency.

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With the power to control your own situation in your business, school, or home.

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