Mapping System


Seconds Saves Lives

No Call Center’s - Instant Notification To First Responders - Family & Friends Instantly Notified With Your Situation & Real-Time GPS Tracking if Abducted.

Mapping For Emergency Contacts

Smart phone users send an instant alert to their emergency contacts providing a link showing real-time GPS data and Miles Per Hour data if in a moving vehicle. If elected by the user, this alert may also appear to first responders as well as emergency contacts. This will be elective of smart phone users if and when they want notifications sent to first responders.

When an emergency event occurs, first responders are notified via a emergency sound and a flashing beacon of the alert on their device. Once they highlight the beacon, the individuals name, location, and additional information if provided, are presented on the real-time screen. A link is also provided showing additional information of the event including detailed driving instructions so first responders have all details in one place.

Live audio and video is streamed from the C3VLAR360® into the mapping systems for first responders to hear exact details of what’s happening at the emergency. Soon smart phone users will have the same ability if elected to live stream audio to first responders of their emergency situation.