Voice Activated

Solution For Home,
Office, School, or Business.

How C3vlar360® functions

The C3VLAR360® connects with your WI-FI system and uses either Wi-Fi or Cellular to transmit data. Set-up is easy and provides the exact location down to the room or suite number designated for each device. Keywords or phrases are established by administrators and provided to authorized personnel.
Additional information may be added such as a map of the facility or home to provide first responders as much detailed information as possible in the event of an emergency.

What Does C3vlar360® Mean

C - Connected, 3 - 360 vision, V - Voice, L - Law Enforcement, A - Alert and R - in Real Time




In an emergency, you do not always have the use of your hands.
Voice activation is the key in sending an emergency alert with the C3VLAR360® system.

Noisy areas or away from the device, no problem.

If the situation warrants, the C3VLAR360® comes with a pendant that is linked direct with the device. This pendant activates the C3VLAR360™ in the event the noise level is too high to pick up your voice, or in situations that you are away from the device but need emergency assistance.

Immediately after a user states their keywords actual audio and video of the events occurring are live streamed into our 911 mapping system for first responders to know exactly what the situation is and the event unfolding. Safety for not only the victims but the first responders is primary with Covert Alert and having as much information at your fingertips is key in helping provide additional safety.