Voice Activated
Solution For Home,
Office, School, or Business

C3VLAR360 device picture

The C3VLAR360®

Is Keeping America



Its unique Patented Design allows the C3VLAR360 to operate in any environment making it a revolutionary advancement in today’s security systems.

C Connected & Protected

3360 Vision

V Voice Activated

L Law Enforcement & First Responders

A Alert providing Live Streaming of Audio & Video

R in Real-Time

c3vlar360 is life streaming audio and video to the 1st2911 mapping system

The C3VLAR360 connects easily with your designated Wi-Fi system and uses the Wi-Fi system to live stream audio and video to the 1st2911 mapping system for first responders, instantaneously, in an emergency. Cellular is also provided in the device to transmit the emergency in the event Wi-Fi service has been disabled. The device is powered by any 110V outlet and contains a rechargeable battery backup in the event of electrical failure in your facility.

holding the pendant companion device


The C3VLAR360 Companion is a pendant style device that is linked directly with the C3VLAR360. This pendant activates the C3VLAR360 in the event the noise level is too high to pick up your voice, or in situations that you are away from the device but need emergency assistance. By pressing the button, your voice activates the C3VLAR360. If you are using the C3VLAR360 Companion away from the device, your audio of the emergency situation is live streamed into the 1st2911 mapping system for first responders to hear your emergency and know your exact location in or around your home or business. The alert sent from the C3VLAR360 Companion may save your life.