How We Can Help? FAQ

We are currently undergoing pilot programs with first responders and once those are concluded and certified, we will be releasing in the U.S.

Your supervisor must authorize your use for by establishing an account for you and the permissions you are being granted. Your email account and your mobile phone number is required for two factor authentication. is ONLY to be used by first responders. It is not designed for the press or other non-authorized users. We require this second level of security to ensure the site is used for its intended purpose.

First, from the dashboard page, download the GPS receiver software onto your laptop. Upon completion, plug the device into your USB Port and wait for the red light to begin flashing. Your laptop is now set for location services.

Yes, especially the selection of the loud or soft sounds your system emits when an alert is received. The loud sound is extremely loud, and you may want to select the soft sound. The loud sound was designed for when you are away from your laptop.

The blue dot represents your location.

This line represents the County or Borough you are in. Only emergencies that occur within that County or Borough will appear on your mapping system.

The mapping system will automatically change to the new County or Borough you are in. Alerts within that County or Borough will begin appearing on the mapping system automatically. If you are in pursuit of someone, the mapping system will continue to follow the person in the emergency regardless of how far they travel.

You may Zoom in or out of specific locations on the map for now. We are currently working on Geo Fencing which will become automatically available to all first responders when we have fully tested and released it.

Click on the icon displayed for the emergency. There is a link directly under the information. Once you click that link, you will be routed to our directional services page where step by step driving instruction will be presented to you.

• This icon represents an emergency alert from a phone. Live streaming of audio may be present with this alert.

• This icon represents an emergency alert from our device in a fixed location. Live streaming of audio and video is available for this alert.

• This icon represents the user has canceled the alert and no longer is requiring assistance.

On the left-hand side, you will see a live audio button for mobile devices. Click to play and you will hear everything happening in the emergency. If the alert is coming from a fixed location device, you will see a picture of the emergency and you may click on the play button to see and hear everything happening in the emergency.

On the left-hand side of the screen, there is a facility layout in the center of the page. If the user has uploaded a floor plan, a first responder will have access to it prior to arriving at the facility.

The past alerts are available for 24 hours.

If you have any question that is not listed under FAQ section. Please contact us here or give us a call at (317) 285-0785.